Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kim Woo Bin And Yoo Ji Ahn Also Break Up

Kim Woo Bin And Yoo Ji Ahn Also Break Up
ARTICLE: [Exclusive] Kim Woo Bin and Yoo Ji Ahn break up after two years... "Broke up 3-4 months ago"


1. [+593, -39] I'm feeling an overwhelming sense of happiness without reason... Why

2. [+402, -33] I'm so excited over this

3. [+77, -8] Either way, I bet he has a new girlfriend...



1. [+1,695, -38] But it's true that he's too busy lately to be dating

2. [+1,559, -85] Sad to hear but it's all we've wanted..

3. [+1,312, -43] Daebak So many girls will want him now

4. [+1,159, -73] Not that a break up is good news but... I've been waiting for this news.... Sorry I'm this kind of fan.. Kim Woo Bin, fighting!

5. [+343, -12] Return the Balmain clothes

6. [+347, -23] The girl messed up trying to go too public with him right as his career was taking off

7. [+275, -12] Good, I still haven't forgotten the Balmain t-shirt incident

8. [+237, -15] Not that I can date Kim Woo Bin... but why does this make me so happy.


ARTICLE: Kim Woo Bin and Yoo Ji Ahn's break up, 'Balmain scandal' that followed them around for 3 years back to attention

SOURCE: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+118, -15] Wow, look at the double standards. When a female singer or actress makes a mistake, people will hang on to it forever... so easy for a male celebrity to redo his wrongs.

2. [+94, -31] Do his fans really think they have a chance now just because he broke up with his girlfriend? Talk about women being the enemy of women. People go too far... Kim Woo Bin obviously loved her enough to have dated her, give her flowers and Balmain presents, and take her along to his filmings. Why hate on Yoo Ji Ahn? Kim Woo Bin got so much hate over the Balmain scandal until women fell in love with his 'Heirs' character and started directing that hate back to his girlfriend.

3. [+49, -12] Stupid fangirls all crying in happiness over him breaking up... as if he'd date any of you when he's going to date someone prettier ^^



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