Sunday, March 1, 2015

Reason 2 Why Self Hypnosis May Not Work And What To Do About It

Reason 2 Why Self Hypnosis May Not Work And What To Do About It


Suppose, for example, that Sarah wants to use self hypnosis to get motivated to work out regularly at the gym. She used to hit the gym four times a week, until, that is, the baby was born. Now, she is exhausted by little Paddy's nighttime crying, and the demands of work and childcare.

Sarah wants to get back in shape, but taking the hour and a half four times a week is just too much stress in an extended schedule. Apparently, Sarah has been hypnotized into thinking she can "do it all" by popular culture and certain women's magazines. So, she intends to use self hypnosis to power herself into her old routines.

Contrary to popular opinion, someone cannot be hypnotized into eliminating concerns or objections through simple suggestion, or complex suggestions for that matter. The unconscious mind will make sure to limit the success of such an approach because of conflicting concerns. Sarah needs adequate rest as well as to take care of work, spouse and baby.

A smart friend, or hypnotherapist, might wonder inside of a conversation with Sarah if a more reasonable goal might include regular shorter exercise routines at home that take into account her new life circumstances and schedules.

A suggestion like, "You work out four times a week at home for fifteen minutes or longer " is much more likely to succeed than, "You go to the gym four times a week for a full workout no matter what."

"Hint:" Make sure to check for and eliminate internal conflicts. If it seems like you need to push or overpower something, there is likely a conflict.



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